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Cancellation Policy


We request that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete any necessary paperwork. You may sit in our lounge and enjoy a complimentary beverage at this time. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late you may need to be rescheduled.

Cancellation Policy

We value our all our clients’ time and respect that you chose an appointment slot based on your availability. We also understand that sometime things come up unexpectedly. We require 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. A notice of 24 to 48 hours is the industry standard.

A credit card is required to book any appointment. A no show fee or late cancellation fee of $50 will be applied to your credit card if you fail to show up for your appointment or if you give less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. We also require 24 hours’ notice for date changes. 48-hour notice is required for booked packages or special events. Repeated no shows and late cancellations will risk being terminated by the practice.


Ignite Med Spa & Wellness does not offer refunds or exchanges on any product or service. No exceptions.


We require a $100-$300 deposit for certain medical spa appointments. Deposits for consultations can be applied to the wide range of other services we offer if you do not proceed with the consulted treatment plan. We require 24-hour notice of cancellation or change in date. Cancelling your appointment or changing the date less than 24 hours prior to your appointment will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

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