Medical Spa for Wellness?

What is a med spa? What is a nurse practitioner? Why go to a med spa for my health goals? What more can you get from a spa than just Barbie treatments?

A few years back, while working in a medical office as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), the doctor I worked with called his medical assistants nurses and then, in the next breath, called me a nurse. “No, sir, that’s not what I am,” I said under my breath. Around this same time, the local Veterinary Hospital started calling their Vet Techs nurses. Excuse me? I looked through Google, thinking that I missed something. Are there now Vet Nurses? The only Vet Nurses I knew had served our country and were Veterans (thank you for your service). Google came up short. No Vet Nurses. I’ve known multiple certified nurse’s aides (CNAs) and medical assistants (MAs) who have also called themselves nurses. This inaccurate and inappropriate use of the term nurses adds confusion to an already confused public opinion on what a nurse is or is not and can or cannot do.

An APRN, also known as a nurse practitioner (NP), is a master’s degree-prepared individual who has completed a Master of Science program in Nursing as well as received board certification from an accredited certifying body like the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, National Association for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, or similar. The American Nurse Association is a different organization for nurses.

The philosophy of a nurse has always been that of health promotion and disease prevention. Metamorphosing into an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), the nurse is transformed into a medical provider who can diagnose, treat, evaluate, prescribe, suture, set limbs, direct and supervise treatments, order tests, order prescriptions, prescribe treatment plans, and perform several different procedures. Many of these procedures fall into the land of the aesthetics world.

At Ignite Med Spa & Wellness, our philosophy is excellence, wellness, and joy. We provide more than traditional spa services like facials and massages. Yes, we have a Himalayan Salt Cave. But our boutique is more than just an experience in the cave!

Our focus on wellness supersedes flaws noticed with the naked eye or sore muscles to be worked out. It is more than numbers on a scale or a laboratory report. We specialize in non-invasive and non-surgical scientifically supported treatments. The body sculpting and body contouring technology available, along with a tailor-made weight management program under the direction of the APRN, will help you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently. Both injectables and oral medications may be used depending on your preference. From semaglutide to Vitamin B12, laser hair removal to tattoo removal, non-surgical facelifts to Botox, and everything in between, we have your wellness and spa needs covered.

The holistic approach and focus on the purity of products provided will take you to the next level. Licensed estheticians will evaluate your skin concerns and make recommendations accordingly. Our licensed massage therapists are certified in a variety of different techniques and will individualize your plan accordingly. Our alternative medicine therapies include massage, Vichy shower, halotherapy, reflexology, Reiki, and halotherapy. Monthly Sound Healing sessions are also available and are led by a guest specialist.

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