Ignite Body Sculpting VS Coolsculpting

What is the big deal about the body sculpting services offered at Ignite Med Spa & Wellness? Does it really work? Doesn’t it hurt? I have tried Coolsculpting and did not see any results.

I hear these questions and statements often. I, too, tried Coolsculpting and was not happy with it; no results to show except a dwindling bank account. I have learned since that Coolsculpting does not target any fat that cannot be pinched and only works in the area over which it is placed. In addition, it does not build any muscle or tighten skin. It freezes your cells and touts that your body will process them out, but recent data has found this to be not exactly true.

When my youngest son was in high school several years ago, I joined a CrossFit gym with him. I consider myself an athletic person now more than ever before. Yet I’ve always been on the lookout for something to help with that stubborn mommy pouch, not to mention bra strap fat! Now, for someone who has always had body image issues, this pushed me to purchase every bra on the market to fix something so minuscule but impactful. Still, no article purchased really solved the issue.

Now, in the middle of my fourth decade, I also see the beginning of festoons. These were brought on prematurely by under-eye filler treatments. Ladies, just don’t do it!!! Disaster! No more needles under the eye. There is a better option!

The treatment options at Ignite Med Spa & Wellness were chosen due to the high-quality medical research completed on each device. Simply put, this technology works and has a plethora (huge amount) of scientific support. The radiofrequency technology spreads the energy to the surrounding area, affecting more than where the device is placed. Plastic surgeons are moving to these treatments in lieu of doing facelifts. And there is no need to worry about downtime or dangerous side effects like those associated with PDO threads.

EmFace utilizes radiofrequency and electrical stimulation to stimulate your body’s production of collagen and elastin. It works on the elevator muscles of your face (forehead and smile muscles), resulting in a 37% lift and a 23% decrease in wrinkles. This enhances the foundation of your face by leveraging the proteins in your body to work better for you. Neurotoxins, like Botox or Xeomin, and dermal fillers, like Revanesse, can be added to your treatment plan, but without addressing the foundation by utilizing EmFace, they stand alone as a Band-Aid approach.

Exion, the newest in the BTL family, works with targeted ultrasound and radiofrequency to deliver energy to hard-to-treat areas, giving long-lasting results without going under the knife! At Ignite Med Spa & Wellness, we provide three different treatments utilizing this technology. The facepiece is a hand-held device that can smooth and tighten the skin above the clavicles. It diminishes festoons and treats fine lines and wrinkles. It also increases the hyaluronic acid in your lips by over 200%, making the need for lip filler something of the past!! No downtime, no recovery time. The body piece is a hand-held device that can smooth and tighten the skin anywhere below the neck, except for the genitals (that’s a different machine)! It smooths the appearance of cellulite and diminishes fat pads like bra strap fat, excess mommy pouch, surgical lumps and bumps, underarm jiggles, and the like!! The radiofrequency microneedling piece is a hand-held device that contains multiple tiny needles. This is the only time any needles are utilized. This technology is amazing!!! It delivers energy to two times the length of the needle, the deepest in the industry, which helps stimulate collagen and elastin, rebuilding the foundation of the skin for a smoother, softer appearance. This can be used to treat acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, and distorted skin texture on the face and body. This treatment is extremely well tolerated, often completed without topical anesthetic.

EmSculpt Neo utilizes radiofrequency and electromagnetic stimulation to destroy fat cells, build muscle, and tighten the skin. Fat cell death occurs within the first 4 minutes of treatment; once dead, they cannot come back to life. These cells are then processed by your body for elimination. Typical results include a 30% decrease in fat (targeting more than just the fat you can pinch), a 25% increase in the targeted muscle group, and skin tightening. Muscle groups that can be treated include biceps, triceps, abdomen, lateral obliques (love handles), buttocks, inner/outer thighs, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. This treatment is combined with Exion for optimal results when skin sagging is a concern. These can both be done prior to an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or after your recovery time, depending on the individual need.

Athletes, get ready to amp up your game! Rob Gronkowski is a fierce proponent of EmSculpt NEO. Maybe it had a little to do with the bottoms that were on display at one of his events?! Yes, this treatment will give you a nice muscular curve to your derriere without the worry and risk of a BBL. But I also heard that he liked the abdominal treatment that gave more strength to his core. Have you seen it lately?

I recently started treatment of my own buttocks and am looking forward to seeing the results! I’ve always wanted more round down there…stay tuned for pictorial updates!!

If you are ready to improve the texture of your skin, rid yourself of the dimples, enhance your game, ignite your wellness journey, or become one of the fittest couch surfers, look no further! Call Ignite Med Spa & Wellness now to schedule your consultation with the medical director (APRN/Nurse Practitioner) at 860-231-1004, or go online to book your appointment! We now have a client portal that will allow you to book appointments and complete necessary paperwork ahead of time.

Medical Spa for Wellness?

What is a med spa? What is a nurse practitioner? Why go to a med spa for my health goals? What more can you get from a spa than just Barbie treatments?

A few years back, while working in a medical office as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), the doctor I worked with called his medical assistants nurses and then, in the next breath, called me a nurse. “No, sir, that’s not what I am,” I said under my breath. Around this same time, the local Veterinary Hospital started calling their Vet Techs nurses. Excuse me? I looked through Google, thinking that I missed something. Are there now Vet Nurses? The only Vet Nurses I knew had served our country and were Veterans (thank you for your service). Google came up short. No Vet Nurses. I’ve known multiple certified nurse’s aides (CNAs) and medical assistants (MAs) who have also called themselves nurses. This inaccurate and inappropriate use of the term nurses adds confusion to an already confused public opinion on what a nurse is or is not and can or cannot do.

An APRN, also known as a nurse practitioner (NP), is a master’s degree-prepared individual who has completed a Master of Science program in Nursing as well as received board certification from an accredited certifying body like the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, National Association for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, or similar. The American Nurse Association is a different organization for nurses.

The philosophy of a nurse has always been that of health promotion and disease prevention. Metamorphosing into an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), the nurse is transformed into a medical provider who can diagnose, treat, evaluate, prescribe, suture, set limbs, direct and supervise treatments, order tests, order prescriptions, prescribe treatment plans, and perform several different procedures. Many of these procedures fall into the land of the aesthetics world.

At Ignite Med Spa & Wellness, our philosophy is excellence, wellness, and joy. We provide more than traditional spa services like facials and massages. Yes, we have a Himalayan Salt Cave. But our boutique is more than just an experience in the cave!

Our focus on wellness supersedes flaws noticed with the naked eye or sore muscles to be worked out. It is more than numbers on a scale or a laboratory report. We specialize in non-invasive and non-surgical scientifically supported treatments. The body sculpting and body contouring technology available, along with a tailor-made weight management program under the direction of the APRN, will help you achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently. Both injectables and oral medications may be used depending on your preference. From semaglutide to Vitamin B12, laser hair removal to tattoo removal, non-surgical facelifts to Botox, and everything in between, we have your wellness and spa needs covered.

The holistic approach and focus on the purity of products provided will take you to the next level. Licensed estheticians will evaluate your skin concerns and make recommendations accordingly. Our licensed massage therapists are certified in a variety of different techniques and will individualize your plan accordingly. Our alternative medicine therapies include massage, Vichy shower, halotherapy, reflexology, Reiki, and halotherapy. Monthly Sound Healing sessions are also available and are led by a guest specialist.

Call now to ignite your wellness journey!! 860-231-1004. You can also book online at www.ignite-medspa.com.